Have a good flight from Discount.

I love the 'טיסה נעימה' campaign from Discount Bank in Ben Gurion airport. Here's a sample: In case Google Translate is off by a word or two (ha!) here's the gist: New Zealand? Take a right at HaSharon shore, a left in Australia and where all the sheep are - there. If you happen to... Continue Reading →

Have baby, will travel.

It is the eve of our first party-of-three family trip... involving a plane ride. That's right; tomorrow we will be inaugurated as that young couple with a baby that you love to hate on planes. Yet another life milestone. Here's hoping it will go well. The definition of going well is one of the following:... Continue Reading →

Not your momma's birthday.

Recently, my birthday passed but for years now I've just not been a birthday person at all. Occasionally, growing up (as my ponderous tye-dye free-thinking self), I would consider - along with saving the manatees - the idea that perhaps birthdays should be about mothers, not kids. After all, the mother is the one who... Continue Reading →

Living the painting life.

Sometimes, living in Tzur Hadassah, hanging and taking down laundry in the cool evening breeze, I feel like I exist in a countryside painting. And sometimes, I feel like I live in the opening for Weeds.

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