Koala update: Six months.

I'm not going to lie; it's not always easy to write the praises of parenthood and the cutest Koala in the entire world when said Koala is trying to push one of the hardest substances of the body through his gums. Last week and the present one are probably the most challenging I've faced so... Continue Reading →

Welcome to parenthood.

So this is it, huh? You get through a really hard week. You get invited out for both meals for Shabbat. You  breath and say, hey, we can go out the whole day Friday! You make plans together. You prepare everything the night before. You get woken up too early on Friday. Your kid is sneezing... Continue Reading →

פיצונקה would like your attention.

Since moving to this area, we've watched local restaurants come and go. They usually aren't kosher or attention-grabbing enough to get us interested. And the latter is probably mostly why they don't survive. To service (and survive) the Matte Yehuda area, I suppose you have to be pretty damn good, considering you're competing with an... Continue Reading →

Question of the week.

Q: What's it like being back at the office? A: I feel like a freshman in high school. Everything is new; it's still school like middle school was, but it's bigger and more complicated. And there's more home-work. And I'm tired all the time from waking up at 6 am to get everyone out the... Continue Reading →

The days I become a mom.

Not that the 36-hour labor, trash can filled with diapers and various milk stains across my good t-shirts don't give it away, but today I really do feel like a mom. Note: Every so often there comes an activity that gives you infant flashbacks and makes you realize you are, indeed, a mom. But today...... Continue Reading →

Yeah, this still happens.

I was driving through the entrance of Beitar today. Ahead of me was the shiny white glow of the expansive charedi town, speckled with black movement. Behind me, in my rear view mirror, I could see the remnants of the sun facing Husan, highlighted by the giant minaret cracking the sky. And I thought, what the... Continue Reading →

Travel (in snippets).

Our first-ever family vacation is over. Didn't have much time to sleep or think over the last 2.5 weeks but I did have a few seconds to jot down a few ponderings in 140 characters or less... To sum up, from finish to start, my first vacation with Koala: for the love of all things... Continue Reading →

Who drives a shoe?

A guy driving a high heel on 14th and 7th. And why not? Although, part of me feels like I'd have been less surprised seeing this in Tel Aviv. I saw this, um, mode of transportation and thought of a friend of mine who actually gets around with a set of these on her feet.... Continue Reading →

Homies away from home.

How do you say 'Jersey Gardens' in Hebrew? '!שווה' Like doing army service or eating Bamba at five months old, in carrying Israeli citizenship I am eligible to enjoy a popular Israeli pastime: shopping in New York. Or is that New Jersey? We spent today stocking up on good-quality crap at a Garden State outlet... Continue Reading →

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