Koala update: Eight months.

How appropriate: Koala turned eight months old after celebrating the eight nights of Chanukah. Or, not so ┬ámuch celebrating as staring into bright, vision-stimulating fire, sucking on giant plastic dreidals, reaching for our sufganiyot and being handed wrapped presents from doting elders and staring at them. Seriously, I thought he'd be more into the whole... Continue Reading →

It's all about the boobjamins.

Long day. I returned to the office today after a two week (work-themed) hiatus. When I got home at 4:30pm, my husband was on the couch and Koala was on the floor next to him, eating a dreidal (standard fare, really). I gave Koala a big hello to which he smiled, and, like a really... Continue Reading →

Happy C!

Chanukah is 7347593x better when there is a little one in your home. I'm sure it's twice that when the little one is old enough to appreciate it better. But for now, this is pretty awesome too. Happy Chanukah 5770!

The manliest men are in Israel.

Home, sweet Israel. Koala and I arrived back from my work trip to the States in two pieces. Soon to be five years here and, oh, how the tables have turned. Anyway, nothing says 'welcome home to Israel, immigrant!' like an Israeli marketing campaign. Bezeq Parrot, eat your heart out: Because the manliest men carry... Continue Reading →

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