The Jewish State of education.

I feel a parental rite of passage has been reached tonight: next year's daycare decisions. And so I begin the rant that I know others have had and yet here I am, new parent, new experiences, joining the fray. Someone explain this to me: This is a family-friendly country. Walk anywhere and easily spot a... Continue Reading →

Old school.

Lately it seems like so much of old school life is stopping by to visit; I blame the gosh-darn social networks on the inter-thing. It hit me yesterday that I'm at the stage in life where at any point, I can bump into a kid I was a camp counselor for, 12 years later when... Continue Reading →

Koala update: Nine months.

At this point, the growing happens behind my back or out of the corner of my eye... I have to catch it when I can. Kind of like I've had to do since Koala discovered the stairs two weeks ago. From the kitchen, I can suddenly turn around and see that Koala is reaching under... Continue Reading →

The baby leaves of Israel.

Today's Hebrew lesson: עלי בייבי Not a hard term to learn in Hebrew. It means 'baby leaves' - you know, those tiny bits of greenery you put in salad that cost more than the other vegetables combined? It's also a term I made up for a certain type of middle-aged Israeli woman - you know... Continue Reading →

The Google is Us.

A friend sent me Gdumb and so inspired me to play around a little bit with the Google suggestions-as-you-type feature. I explored the big three topics an Israeli Jewish blogger such as myself might feel connected to: Image 1: Israel I know I'm American, and I know that makes me a candidate for being dumb... Continue Reading →

Window FAIL.

Are the birds in Ashkelon turbo birds? What are the chances? Also, you can loosely translate the Hebrew to say: " prevent the entrance of Lords of the Wing." Sorry.

Ashkelon: city of love…

...or at least, 24 hours of comfortable R&R. Last week the huz and I snuck away for an overnight at a hotel on the beach in Ashkelon... since Bubbe is in town. Well, come on; it's not all luna parks and kassams:

Old school Israeli phonage.

Spotted in Ashkelon: Anyone remember these? A little younger than the Asimon-eating public pay phones, the Telecard-eating phones were a classic by the time I first started coming to Israel in 2000. No, I didn't bother to see if it still worked. Remember the one-in-a-million magical Telecard that would never run out?

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