How do you like them Apples?

Go retro! Between combing through my old bedroom for crap to throw away and bringing up the Passover dishes for the big Switch, I managed to recover two blasts from the past. The Passover dishes - for 20+ years - have always been stored in this old box: Anyone else remember growing up with the... Continue Reading →

Koala update: Eleven months.

We're nearing a year and look at that, I have time to update (barely). I also have a lot of flashbacks about what this time last year was like. Childless, calm and well-rested. Ah, memories. Informal poll: Is my sabra the only one to have 'todah' (thank you) be his first functional word? Just wondering... Continue Reading →

Who needs aliyah?

Why bother making aliyah from New York City? In the span of four days, I've managed to: pass the Holon Grocery, find a metapelet originating from Ein Karem, drive behind a טוב טעם truck. What's next? Also, I suppose it's logical that my son's first exposure to fast food was today in his American daycare... Continue Reading →

Conversation peace.

So on Thursday, from 2 am Israel time to 5:30 pm New York time (with a 2-hour stop in Geneva), I experienced the worst trans Atlantic flight ever. Koala was a wreck. This is a boy who, when overtired, refuses to make that better by actually sleeping. Ah, yes, all kids do that, you may... Continue Reading →

Must be dreamin'.

There was ridiculous traffic on the dirt road leading up the hill towards Arafat's compound. We each supposedly had meeting times but were all very late for them in any case. To the right was the beginning of the dusty compound and to the left was the beginning of the dusty hills. To get into... Continue Reading →


The thing about love/hate relationships is that eventually you come back to the hate. It's triggered by anything. Items on the news. The news reporters themselves. People on the street. Commercials on the radio. Things your friends say. Things your neighbors do. So, if you haven't guessed, I'm in the hate phase. Which is ok,... Continue Reading →

A baby in toe.

For the last 20 minutes of the drive home from shabbat in the Galil, Koala was hysterical in the car. It's amazing how hysterical a car ride can make him, but last night was particularly bad. The heaving was worrying, and when we got home, I raced to get him out of his seat and... Continue Reading →

Motherhood inferiority complex.

More than once I've been told I'm a pretty laid-back first-time mom. I think when I got pregnant, I became so overwhelmed with the sheer magnitude of what I was about to do and I kinda just let go of trying to even attempt to control the situation. I've just been able to take one... Continue Reading →

Life lessons in Tel Aviv.

I was in Tel Aviv today for the Bird Brain Unconference. The event was great, thanks for asking, but then three things happened that left me feeling like I learned about more than just Vardi awesomeness and actual birds. 1. Cabbie culture. I don't take cabs often because I hate the experience of feeling waited... Continue Reading →

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