Toilet puppies.

I want a late night show or Saturday Night Live to do a fake infomercial advertising my latest great idea. So, you go to the supermarket, and you're looking for the essentials, i.e., toilet paper, and you're standing there in the aisle staring at your choices... The brand with the soft puppy on it, the brand... Continue Reading →

Pediatric memory.

This is what I completed from the Memoir Writing class I not-so-recently finished. I'm not sure if it's complete yet. The pleather cushioning of the examination counter-tops in the patient rooms still call to me as an inviting yet risky place for a sick kid to sit. Carrying my infant son from the reception area... Continue Reading →

Weird egg.

Is this weird? I picked up a few things at the grocery today to bring home after work. I shoved the heavy bags on the floor of the car and then pondered what to do with the eggs. Ok, hold on. I don't usually do the shopping, and when I do, I'm usually not alone,... Continue Reading →

Petting zoo don'ts.

You know what's always fun? Zoos. We took Koala to Jerusalem's Biblical Zoo on erev Shavuot to meet the animals, just like Curious George in that version of the book where he pretty much gets rewarded for feeding the animals when he wasn't supposed to and I never really understood that, considering you're supposed to... Continue Reading →

Isn't that an oxymoron?

I didn't know there was such a thing. Even a five-year veteran learns new things every day. As strange as 'elite arak' seems, in all it was a decent wine shop in Talpiot at 37 Pierre Koenig.

Bad cops. #fail

Can you call the cops... on the cops? The Israeli Po Po need a lesson in legality, or at least car-packing safety. This issue in general pisses me off, above and beyond. Israeli traffic cops don't enforce the law enough. Sure, once in a blue moon you'll see a guy pulled over or you'll see... Continue Reading →

Once in a lifetime.

It's not every day - nay, every month - wait, every year?  - that you see something like this on an Israeli construction site: Amazing, isn't it? סיימנו. It's just a word, but it's a whole lot more, too. 'We completed it.' What a feeling! What a way to be! On top of that, the... Continue Reading →

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