The Israeli summer daycare problem.

I’m getting desperate. I don’t like me when I’m desperate.

Here’s the deal: I have a wonderful metapelet. There are always pros and cons, things you wouldn’t do yourself, things you wish you didn’t know. But overall, she’s great and my son adores her (and she adores him).

Which is why it’s been easy to overlook the fact that she ends her year at Tisha B’Av, or (this year) July 20th. I’m hearing this is very early; others go until the second week of August. Until now, I assumed that all daycares did that.

I’m realizing now that I’m quite screwed; instead of three weeks of no daycare for my kid, I’m looking at six.

Seriously, I don’t comprehend the August hiatus. Everyone needs a vacation, yes, but why wouldn’t some metapalet out there want to take advantage of the all the non-teacher working moms out there who are desperate for daycare in the summer? I’ll pay more. I’ll pay double. I have no choice.

I can’t take off for six weeks. I can’t take off for three either. Working from home five days a week is not an option. I have no available family here. My husband works.

Please weigh in: What’s a working Israeli mother to do?






2 responses to “The Israeli summer daycare problem.”

  1. Hannah @AMotherinIsrael Avatar

    An older teen or a college student?

  2. Shira Avatar

    A lot of parents bring their kids to work, believe it or not. Every year Kodak sends out a request to not bring your kids and every year that request gets ignored. :)

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