Koala update: Fifteen months.

Toddler. Tired. Tantrum.

This koala update is brought to you by the letter ‘T.’

He walk-runs. He reaches tabletops. He knows what he wants and he will damn well tell you.

Also, don’t bother feeding him. He will feed himself, thankyouverymuch. With a fork. And a spoon. Simultaneously.

Language is getting fun. Not only does he recognize dogs in pictures and in real life, and called out to them (da!), but Koala also calls cats, birds and cars by the same name.

Also – shoes!!!! And ices.

We’ve gotten into water play this month. Whether in a bowl on the porch, or in a pool on another porch (we have three for some reason), splashing is fun, squirting is fun, and pouring out is funnest of them all.

The ‘terrible twos-minus-nine-months’ have begun full fledge. Koala displays two main types of tantrum poses: the Muslim (body folded, head down, fists banging the floor) and the  Shove (upright, facing you, everything in his path, pushed away).

But the sense of humor is still awesome. Even when it’s at ‘כיבוד אב ואם’ ‘s expense.





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