We Eldan/אלדן customers (suckers?) have been getting צ'ופר-ed up the wazoo lately. It's either time for renewal or the competition is striking. But this latest gift is enough to get drunk on (sweet!): I'm going to proudly display the wine at my Rosh Hashana table so everyone knows which car leasing company is the very... Continue Reading →

Koala update: Sixteen months.

Let's talk about... monsters. As we have surely learned in the past sixteen months, monsters come in all shapes and sizes, colors and lengths of fur. Some are red and high pitched; others are blue and love to eat cookies. Monsters have a grizzly, mean side. They roar when they're angry, turn red with frustration,... Continue Reading →

Leaving New York City.

I returned on Tuesday from a trip to New York. It was a family visit with some work mixed in, and it came at a time when I was starting to feel a bit... hungry for New York. Not homesick, per say, but just in the mood. I don't know if it happens to all... Continue Reading →

You gotta squeeze Z hummus…

Ever wanted to squeeze your hummus? My brother introduced me to this new company started by, oh c'mon, who else but an Israeli guy named Ami (from Beer Sheva) living States-side in Marlboro, New Jersey. Squeeze Z Hummus launches the FIRST ever squeezable hummus product in over 20 New York grocery stores. Available in 3... Continue Reading →

Coming, going.

In the past four weeks, I've heard about a total of five actual (three)  and potential (two) yeridot - leaving Israel after making aliyah. I'm not necessarily homesick, so the news doesn't really hit me that way. It's more like this this bizarre feeling of, am I doing something wrong? Is there something I don't... Continue Reading →

How how it all begins.

It's hard to believe. I'm a little choked up. I didn't think it would come out this way. Koala started recognizing dogs a while ago. He points to them and calls, "Da!" He calls the plush wolf my brother got him "Da." He was even getting to the point of recognizing them in photos -... Continue Reading →

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