Coming, going.

In the past four weeks, I’ve heard about a total of five actual (three)  and potential (two) yeridot – leaving Israel after making aliyah.

I’m not necessarily homesick, so the news doesn’t really hit me that way. It’s more like this this bizarre feeling of, am I doing something wrong? Is there something I don’t see?

I know; backwards, right?

People ask me why I live here, why I’m still here. I don’t have an academic answer. I’m happy. Well, not a juicy answer, anyway. I love my job. I like my town. I met my husband here, and we’re in an international marriage. I’m more comfortable living this stage of my life in a Jewish country.

It’s a laundry list, folded in half: pros, cons. I think it’s a laundry list for everyone. If it’s ideology, I don’t necessary believe that’s the whole picture. Ideology can only take you as far as… ideology.

Family. Jobs. Security. Religion. Money. Education.

Everyone has their reason for coming, and for going.






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