There’s a remote for that.

A sympathizing coworker brought me this remote control from England. Hmm... the country of mean TV nanny reality shows needs a remote to control their brats? So that must be the secret. For now, it seems the 'Say thank you' button will be the most rubbed out. Can't wait for 'Kiss granny' though... (karma, Mom).

Koala update: Eighteen months.

"The fundamental job of a toddler is to rule the universe." (Lawrence Kutner) I think something clicked when I left town for a workweek and Koala realized I didn't 110% revolve around his teeny-tiny universe. Well, aside from the fact that a year-and-a-half is a fine age to turn up the heat on acting out...... Continue Reading →

Guess he drinks more at gan.

My baby woke up last night in pain from teething. We gave him his motzetz, his blankie, Acamol, but what he finally ended up calling out for, through his sad, sad baby tears, was... "!מים! מים" Huz and I looked at each other as he mouthed to me in surprise, 'mayim?!' It's not Koala's first... Continue Reading →

Nu, call already!

Saw this on my way in from the parking garage at Jerusalem's Technology Park. G-g-ghosts? In Malcha? Really, really hoping it's a company car.

You can’t stay mad at me…

There are a gajillion reasons why kids are fascinating. Here's one: I spent last week on a business trip to New York City. It was my seventh time traveling since getting pregnant with Koala. It was my fifth time traveling since he was born. It was my first time in seven trips traveling without him.... Continue Reading →

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