It was technically Koala's second Thanksgiving, but it was the first he could actually eat at. And eat he did. The toddler with three nationalities has plenty of room in his little belly for turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, potatoes and pie. But then, who doesn't? And who doesn't love drumming the 8-kilo turkey before mama... Continue Reading →

Koala update: Nineteen months.

Cars. Cleaning. Cartoons of Latin descent. It's been a busy month 19 for Koala. He's managed a girlfriend - one who gives him a kiss on the cheek every morning and kisses up to me when I come in at the end of the day; quite assertive if you ask me (true Israeli woman). He's... Continue Reading →

Signs of second life.

Differences between first and second pregnancy: You're fatter, earlier. You know too much. There's already a kid in the picture, sucking up your time and energy (and probably your vitamin-intake, too). A lot of second-time jokes (Double the fun! Back for more? Double trouble!) For some reason I can't pinpoint, it's harder announcing it this... Continue Reading →

Two mothers.

My mother is a split personality. As long as I've known her, this has been the case. She can speak two languages fluently: her mother tongue, English, a language that rolls off her tongue like rain dripping down a car window in the summer; and Hebrew, a language she has been tripping over since they... Continue Reading →

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