I have a son.

After bringing Koala into bed with us this morning, the huz and I rolled back over and began dozing off. Koala leaned over to me, and whispered softly in my ear: "Mama?" I mumbled back, "Yeah?" And Koala burped in my ear.

Bo, mama.

I  may correct your Hebrew now, but sometime in the future - possibly the near future - you will be correcting mine.

How can I not eat this?

I love coming home from work and unwinding with Koala for a few minutes. Or half an hour. Or hour. However it ends up any particular day. Today we played with trains. Unfortunately, Koala has a parent with a short attention span, which I suppose might be a genetic misfortune. So after the train was... Continue Reading →

Attention, please.

I'm 7 months into this pregnancy, and I have to be honest - I haven't, and really can't, give it the same attention I gave the first. How can I? On top of all the other things that go on in daily life, I have a toddler at home. A toddler who is used to... Continue Reading →

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