Bunny overload.

My head is not in Purim this year. I suppose I have a decent excuse, right? So today was the Purim party at Koala's gan. For a week I've been reminded to send him in dressed up. He's a bit of a particular kid, so I wanted to keep it simple. And who are we... Continue Reading →

Home and away.

There's a lot to take in this motzei Shabbat... Catching up on the reality in Japan after Friday's earthquake and tsunami disaster, and then reading about the horrific murders of two sleeping parents, two sleeping children and a sleeping newborn here, a few dozen kilometers from home, on Friday night. Natural disasters make me feel... Continue Reading →

Finally, what Tzur Hadassah truly needs…

Some said the supermarket would be their financial downfall. Others said the candy shop would be their caloric downfall. Well, my downfall is coming and it's a mix of both. I mean, what suburban, family, bedroom community would not have a pizza shop? UPDATE: It's open (post-Pesach)! Haven't tried it yet. But if you want... Continue Reading →

Hints of spring.

Life is moving forward and this spring is meant to bring with it some new developments... apartment ownership and new baby to name, really, the big ones. Hints of what's to come...

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