1 in 4 Israeli elderly live below the poverty line (Shana Tova)

Quick shout-out to Ezrat Avot, in honor of the quickly-approaching Rosh Hashana, Jewish New Year…

Back in my old job, around the major holidays, we’d band together and as an office, collectively donate around 20,000 NIS to Jerusalem-based Ezrat Avot.

Even though we are no longer giving together, I do hope many of us continue the tradition. As a (currently) young person, I can’t help but feel the responsibility to ensure that our elders are taken care of in every way, especially hunger. One in four of Israel’s elderly live below the poverty line… 18.3% of Israel’s elderly are abused, mostly by family members and caregivers…

They took care of our parents and ourselves when we were helpless; how can we not do the same for them,with respect and dignity?

A lil more about the organization:

Ezrat Avot’s mission is to provide the services, resources and education necessary to enable Israel’s elderly to age in the comfort and dignity of their own homes and communities.

Read more about the Ezrat Avot backstory, and here’s where you can donate to aid the elderly across Israel  this holiday.

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