I have a daughter now.

I have a daughter now. We've begun to play our part in The Girl Effect. And 600 million other girls, trying to survive in the developing world - that's beating the odds of childhood marriage, teenage pregnancy, sex slavery, HIV - need the same chance...

The F-word.

I'm not my best at 4am. Then again, show me someone who is. Last night, everyone I live with made a subconscious decision to be very much awake and in some sort of need at 4am. My son woke up to pee. Innocent enough, and while I'm very proud, he did it in a shrieking, freaking, panic-y... Continue Reading →

Koala’s path to big boy-dom.

Lucky for me, I have a wise, experienced professional at my disposal in times of parenting need (thanks, mom), so about a month ago a 'sticker chart' was instated at our home for Koala. I highly recommend it. It has been fun, exciting and super-helpful, and I'm just talking about for me... But Koala has... Continue Reading →

Five years.

I was 23... I was getting married. I was starting life. It's been an amazing five years. Israel has been good to me. I have a son now. He'll be drafted into the army in 15 years. Today Gilad Shalit is 25... He's probably coming home... He's hopefully starting life.

Sukkot: Shake well.

Cute video tribute to Sukkot, a completely underrated holiday outside of Israel... Also, chocolate milk in Israel is pretty awesome, too. Not a big fan of all the Glee-tastic music videos that come out around the Jewish holidays. This though, made me smile. Good job, Yosef.

Bebe update: Six months.

Can't stop thiiiis... moving, crawling, slimy-slugging-across-the-floor creature. Wriggle wiggle jiggle-out-of-my-hands-when-I'm-changing-your-diaper creature. Places to go, toys to goo. No teeth yet though. Keep that goofy grin going, little lady.

A look at photojournalism, in meta.

This is really interesting. It's a photojournalist examining other photojournalists examining their target, which is the Palestinian-Israeli story (which isn't really the point). The reality behind the zoomed-in reality. By the way, whoever posted the video is not the creator himself so the YouTube title takes it in a more political direction than I think... Continue Reading →

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