We’re doing something right.

Koala spots the new set of Dora's family members on the shelf. He asks me, "who dat?" "It's Dora's ima and abba." He takes the two plastic parents and puts them up against each other. "Ima... Abba... chibuki!"

This just made my aliyah.

I swear to the power that makes this universe run, this telephone conversation just happened (in Hebrew). Note: This was the first time in nearly 7 years of aliyah that I have ever used the word מעולה on the phone to someone in a feedback survey of their customer service experience.  "Hi! I'm calling from... Continue Reading →

The snail and the sleepyhead.

The latest word I have learned from my son: חילזון. Snail. In their 'autumn curriculum' they've been teaching about the usual Israeli fall topics: rain... clouds... raindrops... leaves... rain... and snails (?!). I don't think I've ever seen a snail here in Israel. Anyway, the teachers have been getting a kick out of my son... Continue Reading →

Bebe update: Seven months.

You're sitting in my lap right now, sleeplessly staring at the screen while I write to you. So we'll do this one together. Apropos, you're going through a separation anxiety phase. Hey, it's a little bit mutual; it's not easy not being around your smushy smile whenever I want. It leaves me wishing I could... Continue Reading →

Todah, dentist.

Just came back from Koala's first time at the dentist. I'm pretty sure I managed not to project any of my own dentist dislike onto him, and maybe got him a lil too excited for it, because when we walked into the office reception he was SO EXCITED DENTIST IMA YAY! Then we got called... Continue Reading →

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