Beit Shemesh, united against extremists.

The protest in Beit Shemesh was impressive. We really did have all kinds of people – people with dreads, people with payot, women with head coverings, women with leggings, kids with their parents, charedi guys willing to speak to the news cameras, women holding pamphlets, men holding signs thanking god for making them women.

I do have to say, it was disappointing that, while there were many dynamic male speakers – charedi and non – there were no females on stage except for Na’ama’s mother, who gave a great 2-minute thank you to the crowd. If there were female politicians in the crowd, why didn’t they speak?

Anyway, it was a good kickoff to what I hope becomes a bigger movement for awareness, togetherness and change in our Israeli society and even our Jewish religion. Both entities of our people suffer from misunderstanding and mis-prioritization.

Here’s a bit of what I saw (scroll over photos for captions/translations):

Until next time, reporting live…


3 thoughts on “Beit Shemesh, united against extremists.

    • Ok, good to know. I left at 8pm. But really, I wonder why they didn’t speak earlier. Or there were no other local women community leaders. Or anything.

  1. it didn’t really get moving until about 7.30 due to the heavy traffic to actually get into bet shemesh. They probably spoke at around 8.30pm

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