We did the impossible. Or at least, the impossible when you’re immigrants here alone, without close family, and then your mother-in-law comes to stay and offers to watch the kids while you go away overnight.

And that’s what we did.

We kept it simple: a night in a hotel in Jerusalem, a trip to town, with a good meal at a fancy restaurant, where I don’t have to mop up spilled water or provide crayons to my dinner mates.

Imagine: I ate dinner and came back with no stains on my shirts… No surprise rice in clothing creases… I tasted my (expensive) food…

Anyway. A few shots from the night below. Now I’m just salivating for the time when our kids are older and we can go away for a week and pretend we’re fancy but in reality we’re in our 30s and we’re tired and the alcohol in the drinks has nothing on the sleep depravity.

Speed of night...