We did the impossible. Or at least, the impossible when you're immigrants here alone, without close family, and then your mother-in-law comes to stay and offers to watch the kids while you go away overnight. And that's what we did. We kept it simple: a night in a hotel in Jerusalem, a trip to town,... Continue Reading →

There’s a sabra living in my house.

First of all, today, for the first time, my kid בא נראה'd me. Secondly, OMG *this* just happened. The scene: Bebe is finished with her cottage cheese and I offer Koala the rest. Me: want to finish Bebe's cheese? Koala: yes, I want this. <takes a bite> Koala: cottage! Me: yep, it's Bebe's cheese. Koala:... Continue Reading →

Fifty-Two Frames: Black and White.

I struggled with this week's B&W theme on Fifty Two Frames. To go interracial? To go Charedi? To go abstract? In the end I decided, who doesn't want to start their week with emo DR. Seuss? Week 2: Black and White. Blasphemy: A darker Dr. Seuss

Fifty-Two Frames: Themeless.

Ten years ago, a dozen or so of my college friends banned together and got me a birthday gift in honor of my impending semester abroad: a Canon EOS Rebel, my first and only SLR. We had a ball together, but then came digital, and I've been mainly rocking out to little Elphs ever since.... Continue Reading →

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