Year of me.

Seeing as I'm a mother and there's really no 'me' anymore, here's what I'm thinking... As of a couple weeks ago, when Bebe essentially weaned herself, thereby letting my body free into the universe where no one depends on it directly for sustenance, whether in utero or by breast... it marks the first time in... Continue Reading →

Oh, we’re nowhere near the end.

In honor of this 'writing exercise' turning 8-years-old this week, I'm posting a quickie writing workout (rapid-write) I did today at my newest adventure, a 6-session Writing Gym. So I've been writing since I could write. Since writing was drawing. Since the drawings began accompanying the words. Since the words dropped the drawings and filled their own... Continue Reading →

THE haircut.

So this news is a month old... on the other hand, see how I 'waited' to post about Koala's haircut until after Lag Ba'Omer? The haircut went really well. I was a little reserved about it because I know my child, and he's the type that if he doesn't know you, doesn't want you touching... Continue Reading →

Bebe update: Thirteen months.

Welcome to being over the hill, babyhood-style. We started the month, Bebe, with you taking me on a nostalgic trip to the college days, as you went through some kind of boob-spurt and practically tore my shirt off any time you wanted to nurse. It was like as soon as the clock turned one-year, you... Continue Reading →

The way the Internets are played in Israel.

This is a funny kind of report, funded by Google Israel, but it's still interesting to note: Arabs in Israel blog more than Jews, study finds (or if you can't stomach JPost so well, here's Israel Hayom). It's not surprising that over 70% of Israelis surf the internet. It is kinda interesting to learn that Haredim beat... Continue Reading →

Fifty-Two Frames: Sound.

Here's what I learned: Sound is tough to photograph. If you don't want to be cliche. I got some cool shots of construction trucks mid-scooping and dropping dirt (I can't remember how to say their names in English, aside from the names they have on Bob the Builder. Seriously.). But they didn't convey the sound... Continue Reading →

An IDF soldier may be missing; search on for נטע ברנד.

I received this email a few hours ago from our local Tzur Hadassah announcement list: עזרה דחופה לאיתור חייל נעדר מגבעת ישעיהו היום בסביבות  השעה  8:30 נראה החייל נטע ברנד מגבעת ישעיהו בכניסה לישוב. מאז נותק הקשר עימו ויש חשש לחייו. נטע לבש מדי צה"ל ונשא נשק. ברגעים אלו מתבצעים חיפושים נרחבים באזור גבעת ישעיהו. כל... Continue Reading →

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