What it means to truck goods into Gaza.

Yes, I've noticed your social media activity, Israel Defense Forces. I see you tweeting hashtags and Facebooking shares. And whatnot. Anyway, a lot of it is announcing the latest shipment of goods into Gaza. Did you know that every day, Israel sends truckloads of goods into Gaza? Could be worse. Here's the IDF spokesperson's  infographic:... Continue Reading →

Fifty-Two Frames: Doors.

This is a  bit fitting; I took the photo at Tmol Shilshom, where I join the Writing Gym on Sundays. I can say after four sessions that it's really managed to open me as a writer, and helped me to let go of a fear of being wrong or untrue in my storytelling. From listening... Continue Reading →

For one day only.

My fourth time at the Writing Gym and we did a collective character exercise again, this time with two characters. I didn't include every detail (ran out of time) and it's pretty rough but below is what I came up with from the following:  Andrew, 55-year-old male currently in Sfat, confused about religious affiliation, single,... Continue Reading →

We’ll always have Jew York…

A new study's findings on the Jewish demographic(s) in New York City is challenging some long-held assumptions/notions regarding... Jews in New York. Specifically: "The study... challenges the entrenched image of Jews as liberal, affluent and well educated. Over the last decade wealthy, Ivy League graduates like those on the Upper West Side have increasingly lost population share... Continue Reading →

The cost of having kids in Israel.

We 'have' kids. Sounds so passive, doesn't it? Isn't it more like, we find someone to have kids with, settle in with them, work at it for a few months to a few years, attempt to save money to cushion the initial shock, bring forth a baby into the world with extreme amounts of energy,... Continue Reading →

We come in different flavors.

After getting Koala dressed this morning, we sat on the floor of his room. He's been quite emotionally expressive lately, and was looking at me like he has something he wanted to say. Then he started caressing my freckled arm and shoulder, and said: 'Ima I like this.' 'What?' 'Your sprinkles.'

Fifty-Two Frames: Out of Focus.

Some weeks I let the photo come to me, some weeks I try too hard, and some weeks I have one idea, and I do it once, and it works. I liked the yellow of the background to kinda indicate old vs new, giving the papers a parchment glow. But I sacrificed the natural color... Continue Reading →

Bebe update: Fourteen months.

She walks! She talks! She's the incredible, edible Bebe. Now in slightly snobby flavor. And damn if you get in her way. You want me to step towards you? Screw you. I'll walk when I want to walk. You want me to call you Ima? Guess what, for fun, you're Abba this week. You think... Continue Reading →

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