Bebe update: Fifteen months.

You've got three molars coming in at once. That doesn't define you this month, but it does define how my night has been with you. That is to say cuddling you on my chest, stroking your silky hair, while you gently fall asleep, comfort-feeding, your arms thrown around me. It's nice when you're not shouting... Continue Reading →

Why I’m not an Apple fangirl.

It's been over ten years since I was first converted to the fruity side. I remember it well; after my embarrassing use of an old Compaq desktop PC my entire freshman year of college, a good friend pulled me aside and told me it was time to buy an Apple. "Apple? the computer my dad bought in... Continue Reading →

Best friends.

Huz and I woke up Shabbat morning to the sound of 'Ima, Abba, we have ice cream! Ima, Abba, we have ice cream!' After a few rounds of that, our curiosity got the better of our sleep and we went to see... Koala had climbed into Bebe's crib and they were holding little plastic ice cream cones... Continue Reading →

Fifty-Two Frames: On the Move.

Not shocking, but it's pretty hard to shoot a good in-motion picture with a P&S. Ever since reading this, I have a bit of camera envy. Week 26: On the Move Trudging along, steps' efforts never forgotten, memorialized by heat and sun, set in time.

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