Fifty-Two Frames: Sunset.

For a while I've felt a bit stuck. Living in a lovely shoe box of puzzle pieces; it's the complete set, so I know everything will fit. And then at some point, one must look around and wonder if there's another puzzle somewhere, in some alternate universe, and if one were to mix the pieces... Continue Reading →

lizrael update: Thirty.

In a way, I consider myself fortunate that on the eve of my thirtieth birthday, I spent my night at an אסיפת הורים for my kid's gan. I'm not a birthday person; I haven't  been for a long time. If nothing else, surely my mother deserves the credit for being split open so that I could... Continue Reading →

Fifty-Two Frames: On the Edge.

Last week's Fifty-Two Frames entry was part of a new year vow to more frequently and more deeply explore the amazing nature that surrounds my home. Week 35: On the Edge After jumping off the edge of the rocky cliff, I realized I should have done a before picture, too.

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