Little Midrash, Lizrael style.

“Do you know what this week’s parsha is? Lech Lecha. Basically… Avraham Avinu, do you know who that is? No? So… he was the first Jew. He had the first brit milah. Do you know what that is? Well. You had one… All yehudim with a penis have one. So all boys who are yehudim have one. You, abba, your uncles…

Anyway… Avraham Avinu had a brit milah, he was the first yehudi. He was the first person to make Aliyah. That means he was like the first Jew to come back to Israel. Like abba and ima. We grew up in America and Australia and then we came on a matos and made Aliyah to eretz…”



Whadya got: