Fifty-Two Frames: Break the Rules

Kinda like the side of the highway, where I walk in the mornings and find leftover snow to step in, for just a second, while no one’s watching – my 52 Frames photo this week is one last photographic taste of the good white stuff.

Except more like street-lit at nighttime yellowish stuff. I debated submitting a B&W version, which was kind of a pure interpretation, considering the dog was actually black and the snow was truly white.

Week 2: Break the Rules

The winter dog immigrant to the Middle East finally gets his due.

Fifty Two Frames: Break the Rules

[As is famous in my rebellious photos, my subject is leaving the frame (or sniffing the edge of it) and I’ve kept the broad white space below; but notice it’s not totally empty…]


Whadya got: