Fifty-Two Frames: Minimalist

Yes, I love my bug close-ups. This ladybug was a trooper, and by the end a mangled trooper, while crawling up and down our arms during our nature walk last week. I'm sure it had hoped for a more minimalist morning. Week 8: Minimalist All you need on a sunny day. 

I see what you did there, Anwar Sadat…

Oh, you know, just minding my own Zionist business at the IDF museum in מתחם התחנה in Tel Aviv (gorgeous area, go sometime), when in a room about Israel's generals I notice a photograph symbolizing hope, future, and cold peace... Ho hum, just having a grand time with my ex-arch enemy. What's that? The pattern... Continue Reading →

Fifty-Two Frames: Love

After a mock wedding at kindergarten where my son was the groom, we all met up at the library afterwards and he ran off with the flower girl... Week 7: Love sneak a hug.

Fifty-Two Frames: Levitation/Mid-air

This was a tough week for me. Not as much photographically as philosophically. What is photography for you? Is it life observation or is it digital art? Is it both? What counts, what's 'cheating'? We know it's all subjective, but is it all artificial? Is cropping/positioning the same caliber of 'editing' as shifting objects around... Continue Reading →

Bebe update: Twenty two months

Yesterday, during our morning cuddle routine, you did something interesting. Actually, I've noticed it before, but on that morning, in the still-dark room of the very-early wake up, in our deliciously-cozy bed, you took that something up a notch. I've always thought it pretty powerful that when you don't like something, you tell us 'enough.'... Continue Reading →

Aaaaand my daughter ate a crayon.

I look up from the table. Bebe bounds towards me, Buddha belly first, emanating tubby tummy joy. "Heeyy!" "Ima!" "Hey!" "Cracker." She's pointing to her mouth which is covered in... "What? What is that? There's no crackers here..." It looks like chocolate. "Did you go into my special cabinet?" I ask her, with a suspicion that foreshadows... Continue Reading →

Fifty-Two Frames: Panning

Challenging week. I actually submitted a flaky photo - a blurry pan with pancakes - just for the sake of submitting something (I've never missed a week!) but in the last few hours I was lucky to 'run' into this opportunity... Week 5: Panning Winner gets pan...cakes.

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