I see what you did there, Anwar Sadat…

Oh, you know, just minding my own Zionist business at the IDF museum in מתחם התחנה in Tel Aviv (gorgeous area, go sometime), when in a room about Israel’s generals I notice a photograph symbolizing hope, future, and cold peace…

Ho hum, just having a grand time with my ex-arch enemy.

BFF forever

What’s that? The pattern on my tie?

It's flashy!


SWASTIKA TIE at a peace conference FTW!


Fifty-Two Frames: Levitation/Mid-air

This was a tough week for me. Not as much photographically as philosophically.

What is photography for you? Is it life observation or is it digital art? Is it both? What counts, what’s ‘cheating’? We know it’s all subjective, but is it all artificial?

Is cropping/positioning the same caliber of ‘editing’ as shifting objects around or splicing or meshing two different photographs?

I’m totally conflicted. A bit dispirited. But in the meantime…

Week 6: Levitation/Mid-air

Break on through… Break on through...

Bebe update: Twenty two months

Yesterday, during our morning cuddle routine, you did something interesting.

Actually, I’ve noticed it before, but on that morning, in the still-dark room of the very-early wake up, in our deliciously-cozy bed, you took that something up a notch.

I’ve always thought it pretty powerful that when you don’t like something, you tell us ‘enough.’ I don’t mean when we’re cutting your nails or wrangling a diaper on you.

I mean when we tickle you, and you’ve had enough. When we cuddle you, and it’s been too much. When you’ve been showered with kisses, or hugs, and you make it very clear to us: Enough. Stop.

Yesterday, I was tickling you, cuddling you, hugging you, and you loved it, and then you said enough, and then you pulled back and looked at me, your eyes serious, you said it again, and delicately put my hands away from you, to my own chest.

Bebe, there’s something I want you to know, to keep, to treasure forever: You’re ability to say no.

I know you’re nearly two, and it’s a part of reaching a new expressive stage. I know that it will be annoying for me and your abba, many many many times over.

But. But. Do not stop saying no where it counts. Showing no when you need to.

You love cuddling, hugging, kissing, and we love that you love it.

But I also love that you know when to firmly indicate no.


Help an orphan, help the world: Donate to orphanages in Israel

You know, we don’t think about this much. I think for too many people, orphans and orphanages are plot material for Broadway shows, TV or 19th century literature.

How often do we actually give deeper thought to what it means to be an orphaned child?

Who cooks their hot meals? Who supplies them with clothes, toys, education? Who’s there to explain to an orphaned preteen girl what she’s about to go through? Who teaches an orphaned boy to know goodness and compassion? By whom do they know they’re loved? Where will they turn when they turn eighteen?

Thanks to Kelli, a reader who emailed me to ask if I knew of orphanages in Israel; she’s an Atlanta resident who wants to help out in some way. The days after she wrote me, I couldn’t stop thinking about it – firstly, how amazing her drive is. Secondly, how much we never really think about orphans at all.

I compiled a quick list based on a Google search. Please share more details/options in the comments and I’ll gladly add them.

Lev LaLev/Heart to Heart

The physical and emotional adjustment required of our girls in being moved to the Children’s Home on what is usually a sudden and unexpected transition, in addition to having to deal with whatever traumatic circumstances they were removed from, is a daunting task for the staff at the Children’s Home and they take their roles as new caretakers seriously. Lev LaLev partners with the Children’s Home by providing financial support for the many programs and services needed to help these girls grow past their often tragic circumstances and become well adjusted children and later, self sufficient and productive citizens.

Ways to donate

The Zion Orphanage

Rabbi Blumenthal pioneered the practice in modern Israel of providing an institution in the form of a home with the warmth and care of a loving family. As their “father”, he provided for all their needs including teaching them a profession. During those initial years it was farming, today their potential future means of support are mostly technology-based fields.

 Donation options

General Israel Orphans Home for Girls (Jerusalem)

GIOH is a loving home for children of all ages who have been orphaned or abandoned. Many of our children come from dysfunctional homes where they have been neglected and abused. Some were at-risk children who are now thriving in the warm, caring and loving atmosphere at GIOH.

Donate now

Yad Eliezer

Yad Eliezer began in 1980 in the kitchen of the Weisel family of Jerusalem. They prepared a food basket for a neighbor who could not feed her children, and were soon delivering monthly food baskets to hungry families. Yad Eliezer has now grown to encompass nineteen primary economic and social service programs that impact tens of thousands of individuals.

Donations and Programs

Thanks to Kelli for the inspiration!

Check out more Israel charity information.

Aaaaand my daughter ate a crayon.

I look up from the table. Bebe bounds towards me, Buddha belly first, emanating tubby tummy joy.




“Cracker.” She’s pointing to her mouth which is covered in…

“What? What is that? There’s no crackers here…”

It looks like chocolate. “Did you go into my special cabinet?” I ask her, with a suspicion that foreshadows ten years from now.

Together we glance at the cabinet and then turn back to each other.

“Nooooo…” Her head shakes.

“So what is…” The floor is littered with crayons.

I look back at Bebe, her mouth open wide. She’s pointing inside.

“Did you…?!” I take a chunky chocolate crumb from her cheek and glide it on a scrap of paper.

“Did you eat a crayon?! My girl ate a crayon!” I started to nu nu nu her but, what the hell. I laughed and hugged her and laughed some more while she kept her mouth open wide, crayola bits in her teeth, the corners of her lips turned up for a smile.