Fifty-Two Frames: Humor

No strawberries were harmed in the making of this photograph. Actually, that is 100% false. They tasted great. Week 10: Humor Mama? I actually did a bit of proactive composition work on this one. It feels good to have a small setup, under control (as an¬†amateur). I'm getting feedback it could have used more contrast.... Continue Reading →

What kids (don’t even know they) know.

Sitting with Bebe on the couch. Flipping through a Time magazine. "Tomatoes!" "Yeah! That's right." "Balloons!" "Yup." "Ima!" She points to the photograph of an unidentified woman holding a picture of Arafat Jaradat, the Palestinian prisoner who died while in Israeli custody. And then she repeats it. "Ima!" And points to me.

Bebe update: Twenty three months

Hi B. We discovered tea parties this month. You're a natural...¬†Not sure how you already knew to pour so well. You must get that from your father. It's all in good fun, even when you're smothering your guests with your ferocious love. Or tenderly picking flowers and crushing them in your tiny hand. You've started... Continue Reading →


Sometimes we ask the Universe for something and we don't even realize it. Sometimes we actually do realize. Sometimes we actually get it. And then sometimes you struggle so much with the reception, until you acknowledge it's what you didn't want to want but needed very much. So, thanks Universe.   (Also, Rolling Stones.)

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