The one where we lose our pet snail

It was a dark and rainy day... oddly, since it was May 3rd in the Middle East. We had piled into the car, giddy about the surprise rain, and drove to the nearby nursery to pick up new flowers and herbs for our modest mirpeset garden. The kids were delighted by the plants, the rain,... Continue Reading →

Fifty-Two Frames: Perfect

Last Thursday, on a morning walk, I noticed this lil guy on the pavement, off the highway. He (or she?) was just sitting there, taking it easy. Even when I bent down to take a few photographs it didn't fly away. I decided that chillness served as an excellent lesson with which to end my... Continue Reading →

Ka-pow: the Super-simple outdoor Superhero birthday party

Last week we celebrated Koala's 4th birthday with an outdoor 'everything Koala loves' party. Ok, not¬†everything Koala loves; I couldn't get a real policeman to breakdance on a firetruck, for instance. It came out looking more like a superhero birthday party. Superhero outdoorsy explorer theme with chocolate cake. First, the binoculars. Because I'm crafty and... Continue Reading →

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