Fifty-Two Frames: Portrait

The one day my son did not wear his beloved black kippa to kindergarten was the one day I needed to take a portrait shot for Fifty-Two Frames. Divine intervention? Since living in Israel, never has it been more trendy to debate religious practice, engage or disengage from extremism, ritually cross-dress, or hate people you... Continue Reading →

Fifty-Two Frames: Shot from a Phone

This one was easy. I always shoot from my phone. These are the chocolate chip cookies I referenced earlier. They're very much all gone now. Week 23: Shot from a Phone Celebrate diversity. Give every one a chance.  (Samsung Galaxy S3)

The outsiders inside

Last week, I was driving through the machsom, or checkpoint, between Beitar Illit and Tzur Hadassah. When I say 'driving through,' I mean that literally: I slowed for the speed bumps, waved at the soldiers on duty, and sped up to get home. But not before noticing the driver in front of me, who had... Continue Reading →

The dogs and the bees.

When you're in the park with your kid, and a nice lady with a dog is chatting you up on the park bench, and your son is staring at the dog's hind legs, and he asks, "What is that black thing coming out of him?" And you take a breath and answer, "his balls." "And... Continue Reading →

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