Super quick Nutella cupcakes

Inspired by Pamela's promises of how easy it would be, we tried out these Nutella cupcakes to celebrate abba's unbirthday. (Kids + easy cupcake recipe + abba not home = it's abba's birthday!) Essentially Nutella replaces a boxed brownie mix, except slightly cheaper and more Nutella-y. Super simple instructions: 10 tablespoons of flour 2 eggs... Continue Reading →

The first death conversation.

As the sun set outside the kids' window, and they shifted in their beds after saying good night, I turned back around to make one more announcement. "Round of applause kids, your mom and dad made it to seven years tonight!" Koala spoke up. "Ima. I want more kids." I smiled. "More kids?" "Yeah." "How... Continue Reading →

A different time, a different line.

That first year I interned at my first paper, there was a day that always stuck with me for some reason, even after I quit journalism. We were sitting around the conference table, a bunch of us young students, listening to our seasoned head editor. She was talking emphatically about the Line. That included photos... Continue Reading →

A 2-year-old’s perspective on Tisha B’Av

"Did you make this Beit HaMikdash today?" "Yeah." "Is it burning, is there so much fire?" "Yeah... ...fireman come... put water... pssssshhhhhhhhh..." Perhaps my 2-year-old has more wisdom about the Messiah than any of us could dream of, or she has a vast knowledge of history and the fire fighting capabilities of warring nations, but really,... Continue Reading →

Fifty-Two Frames: Frozen in Time

A chance shot on the morning of a camp costume party. A tiny moment that speaks volumes. Photography really is amazing... Week 28: Frozen in Time Even Superman needs a dad hug before starting his day.

Life lately.

Enjoying the summer blooms. Soaring through the superhero phase. Ate through a 2-week baking craze. Acknowledged July 4th in Jerusalem, USA. Devouring a Song of Light and Fire, games of thrones, crows, feasts, cravens. Inspired at the home office. Welcoming new friends. Uncovered a long-lost treasure. Attuned to the start of Ramadan season.

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