Koala update: Four and a half years

At some point in the last six months, I stopped living with a little kid and started sharing a home with a boy. The first suspicion that our household had undergone some sort of transition was after a few sporadic mornings when I had the opportunity to creep into your room as the sun came... Continue Reading →

Fifty-Two Frames: Cityscape

I don't have a lot of access to cities. Shocking, I know. And even though last week I found myself in four different municipalities, I couldn't get my act together to get a good cityscape. So Tzur Hadassah's other half, Har Kitron, will have to do. Week 42: Cityscape A drop of civilization hidden in... Continue Reading →

My kids are awesome sleepers

By awesome, I mean, creative. Not that they always sleep through their nightmares and don't come in at 2:30 am and tell us about the monsters and lions and bears and I think once there was the 'blue Spider-man'. Exhibit A: They very often manage synchronized sleeping. Exhibit B: In all fairness, the bed might... Continue Reading →

Bebe update: Two and a half years

Bebe, One day, you might be a mom. Remember when I told your older brother recently after he asked a version of the classic question and I answered - "babies grow inside imas... they start as eggs... that are inside all girls when they're born" - and then you looked up at me wide-eyed and... Continue Reading →

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