And then I blew my kitchen’s mind: Chocolately chocolate cake with ICING!

Felt it was important to update the universe on the following big baking news from my kitchen; even if baking comes easy to you, when I bake I’m like a kid in a finger paint factory crossed with a panicked dog when its owner leaves the house (does that even make sense?).

Point is, I took it up a notch in my most recent venture and made ICING. Uh huh.

I wanted to surprise the huz since yesterday was his last exam for this round of insurance agent licensing courses of evil and I haven’t really seen him much in the last 5 months since they started. I was pretty sure he still likes cake so the kids and I went in that direction.

It’s a from-scratch chocolately chocolate cake recipe passed to me from a friend which is actually fairly easy and realistic (meaning you can easily have/acquire the ingredients): Hershey’s ‘Perfectly Chocolate’ Chocolate Cake recipe. I didn’t use any Hershey’s ingredients but I sincerely thank them for the inspiration.

Really wasn’t hard to do though prep time always takes me longer than it probably does normal people. My oven also cooks slower. Also I’m slower. Kid in a finger paint factory. So it all probably took, from start to finish, an hour and a half.


  • Instead of the fancy double layered cake there, I did a small pan cake plus a dozen cupcakes. Plenty of cake to go around. I’m actually freezing the cupcakes.
  • It’s dairy but can easily not be though I imagine you end up lacking something.
  • It makes a generous amount of icing since I didn’t do the round double layered version.
  • I only did >2 cups of powdered sugar in the icing; it seemed ridiculous to do more than that. I also cut the 2 cups for the cake down to give or take 1.5.
  • It’s a very rich cake. Actually delicious. Since I usually make 15 minute mixes.
  • Have plenty of napkins ready for the cute (underage) chocolate faces.

Do it!


Whadya got: