Fifty-Two Frames: Fashion

I wasn't planning on using the tutu shot for this week's theme... but when relying on little models you don't always get a second or third or seventeenth try. Week 45: Fashion Sitting pretty.

Something to tell you…

For months I wanted to tell them. "Get into bed guys, and I'll tell you a סוד." Especially Koala. I so enjoy sharing secrets with him... trivial whispers or major life developments. They stood at the edge of Bebe's bed; she was nearly collapsed from exhaustion. "You know how some of our friends had babies... Continue Reading →

Fifty-Two Frames: Sky

The last week teased us with clocks changing, dark skies, stormy clouds and even thunder, but no rain for those of us out in the Judean Hills. We're waiting... Week 44: Sky Potential.

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