Fifty-Two Frames: Reflecting

Last week I put in over two hours experimenting with reflection photography advice I found here. After vigorously cleaning a giant mirror, setting up a black sheet tent, trying out different ‘subjects’, using Lego pieces to hold up the photos, taking 38258276245 photos to come up with the right angle… I think I learned a lot this week, even if I’m not totally satisfied with the outcome. (I think it lacks direction…)

Week 7: Reflecting

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” ― Søren Kierkegaard 

Workshop in Advanced Citizenship

There’s nothing to make you feel more a part of a society’s special mosaic than to find yourself arriving at the sealed entrance of the Unemployment Office, joining a small mob of people across all of Israeli demographics, all staring at the printout sloppily taped to the heavy doors…

…that the ministry is on strike.

Fifty-Two Frames: Outside your comfort zone

In the past week, I’ve found myself outside my comfort zone many many times.

  • Chasing down an older Russian woman at the light rail stop to offer her my ticket I hadn’t used…
  • To take it literally…feeling the effects of third trimester pregnancy, namely back pain…
  • Considering some changes to my professional life…

…to name a few.

For the sake of a photograph, I injected myself into an unlikely scene on this grey damp morning: our local cemetery. I’m emo enough to find beauty in a graveyard stroll, and human enough to shiver while passing through the quiet rows of gravestones, the larger ones down to the way-too-tiny ones.

I decided to use this photo, the burial site of Yuval, a Tzur Hadassah teenager who died of cancer nearly two years ago (we have a beautiful park newly built in her memory). She is visited; she is remembered… from the flowers planted around her resting place, to the momentos arranged along the etched text, and of course, in accordance with Jewish tradition, the multitude of simple stones placed along the top of her grave.

Week 5: Outside your comfort zone