Fifty-Two Frames: Balance

Caught this shot early on in the week, and then even went back to take a better version on a clearer day. I was debating whether it was actually photographic balance - the idea was the light in the top left would offset the character in the bottom right. Of course, bottom right is way... Continue Reading →

We’ll have to teach her to knock first.

Nothing like making a life-beginning entrance in 3 hours. Baby girl came busting through just 25 minutes shy of midnight last night (March 22nd). Maybe she was hungry? Maybe she suddenly really had something to tell me? Was there something in my teeth? She weighed in at 2.98 kilograms - still waiting to crack the... Continue Reading →

A letter for two.

Koala and Bebe, You know, I have this memory from when my second brother (your local uncle) was born. I was six months younger than you, Koala. I don't remember much about my mama being pregnant - I'm sure you will though - but I do remember the mixed feelings at having my grandparents over,... Continue Reading →

Fifty-Two Frames: Hidden Objects

Did something I don't normally let myself do... heavily filtered because I just couldn't find the right balance/tone I was looking for. I think it came out pretty cool though. So what do these words mean to you? Week 10: Hidden Objects Hidden meaning.

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