Fifty-Two Frames: Ginger Project

Actually hung out with some pretty kick-ass gingers earlier this week (my grandmothers, in New York) but what I had in the end was a pretty kick-ass non-ginger trying it on instead. Week 35: Ginger Project Trying it on. 

Nettles update: five months

It would happen eventually, Nettles. Your first wartime. So we did that and then picked up when it seemed like the end was close (I think one of the faux cease fires was during our flight?). The America trip. You've been smiling your way through it all - new family members, passing strangers, my childhood... Continue Reading →

Fifty-Two Frames: Quiet

So did you hear the one about the time a 15-year-old asked me about that pic I posted on instagram, and I told her excitedly how I had found my old Walkman in my childhood bedroom, and she looked at me with a sympathetic smile and asked me, 'what is that?' I hit play and... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the wartime TMI challenge

Is there a word for the despair one feels at no longer knowing who or what to believe? It gets worse with every conflict: social media. A platform initially designed for sharing college memories and life milestones became a place for arresting my sense of truth. Over the years, I've come to follow more and... Continue Reading →

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