Fifty-Two Frames: Mash-up

Week 43: Mash-up "Reading takes you higher" This photo won't win any awards, but this theme is definitely in my all-time top 3 for learning a core skill in photography and manipulation! I had no idea about layers... and I only work on a smartphone. This is a game changer for creating art! Going to... Continue Reading →

Nettles update: nineteen months

A couple months in maon daycare, and you're becoming a tiny version of a kid. Making 'friends' (well, maybe 'petting' potential friends/younger babies in your vicinity? Whether they like it or not?). Adding new words to your vocabulary (as well as using a million words for the same thing, like tzetzi and geegee for pacifier?... Continue Reading →

Who’s on first?!

"it's very exciting! it means they won all the games they had to win so they get to the World Series." "what's world series?" "when they play the last seven games against the other team and the team that wins the most, which is four, wins the whole thing." "why seven?" "I dunno. it's best... Continue Reading →

It takes people to conflict.

In a total understatement, there's been a lot going on in Israel lately. People say it's the start of the third intifada (again), while other people call for the third intifada. Stabbings, shootings, stonings, molotov cocktails. Lynch mobs. And the beat plays on: the same media headlines, the same talkbacks, the same Facebook statuses. The... Continue Reading →

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