Koala update: seven years

Koala, This was a great year - I loved going through age six with you. The questions you ask. The interests you take on. The requests you make, constantly, for an 'iPhone, iPad, or even a computer.' Uh huh. Anyway, I can't keep up with you. Here are (just) seven new things you learned to do... Continue Reading →

Hey girrrrl.

Slid into home plate just 18 hours shy of her due date... welcome baby girl! It will take a little while to fill in the details (hint - this is back dated). But we're pumped for a brand new story to tell.

Next year in… your country.

Something really extraordinary happened at work today. In startup world. In the center of Jerusalem. We had the pre-Passover הרמת כוסית, or company holiday toast. Our CEO spoke a few words, leading to how blown away he is by how the company is growing, both in team... and in the number of pregnant women. Then... Continue Reading →

Bebe update: five years

For the sweetest person I know, I want for you strength. For you to recognize the right time and place. To continue loving the little things, for not even knowing what is 'little'. I want for you to recognize your power. I want for your love to never be bound. For your creativity to go... Continue Reading →

Dear unborn baby.

Dear unborn baby, I wanted to give you some reasons why I haven't yet acknowledged you out loud or here or written you an encouraging letter about life on the outside or my hopes and dreams for you. Haven't been reflecting, haven't been meditating, haven't been exploring. I wanted to do it elegantly, passionately, beautifully...... Continue Reading →

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