Zooey update: two months

Eight weeks, eight questions for you, Zooey. How did you manage to form a perfect side-eye in just a  few weeks?  How do you feel about the fact that I keep dressing you in blue because Koala's leftovers are the best kept clothes so far, and everyone tells me my son is adorable and I'm... Continue Reading →

Oh, just another childbirth.

Here's what I felt more than anything after the birth of my fourth nearly two months ago: so, so grateful. I've felt very lucky to have had mostly positive experiences in pregnancy and childbirth, even if at times there has also been frustration, stress, and fear. My heart goes out to women and their partners... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the weird, Zooey.

Hi Zooey. Just taking this quick opportunity to explain to you why Zooey? Nothing significant,  nothing overwhelmingly meaningful (or underwhelmingly meaningful). When your mama comes up with a blog nickname, it's not going to necessary mean anything at all. In your case, it was as simple as this: I was watching this old SNL skit... Continue Reading →

The Giving Tree.

"She's like the Giving Tree!" That's what Koala said when I learned that my grandmother was at the end of her life, after I explained that his great grandmother was so tired. "She is like the Giving Tree! She lived a long time and she's like at the end when the tree is old and wrinkly and... Continue Reading →

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