State of the obvious.

Aftermath video of today's strikes on Hass: 'I want to go to my mother. The warplane has attacked us. I don't want to go to school anymore.' — Sakir Khader (@sakirkhader) October 26, 2016 So there's feature on twitter where it autoplays videos in your feed on mute. I was scrolling through to pass... Continue Reading →

Koala update: seven and a half

Did you hear the one about the kid that wanted to know everything about everything? (Aside from Sid the Science Kid, which you've grown out of,) that's... you. I can't wait to show you Wikipedia... and to catch you at 11pm with a flashlight under your covers reading in a Wikipedia spiral... Huge milestone this... Continue Reading →

Zooey update: six months

Even after three other kids... Even after seven years of parenting... Even after hundreds, if not thousands, of sleepless nights... It just goes to show you can still be taught. Zooey, every day that you move, grab, scoot, reach, crawl as quickly as you can, clinging to the idea that you can keep up with... Continue Reading →

Bebe update: five and a half years

Bebe, We enjoyed such a great summer together. It was the highlight of the last half year. Your curiosity is my favorite thing I discovered about you. You've got to touch and smell and feel and wonder at everything. It's your age, and it's you. Wearing a flowery dress to feel pretty, while exploring a... Continue Reading →

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