‘Where are they now?’ edition

Is it a getting older thing? A life experience thing? Years pass, before you know it, decades pass. Then you start to enjoy the thought of meeting up with old friends. Old bosses. Old acquaintances. Old teachers. People who taught you. Who, today, still wouldn't laugh at you for when they knew you as a... Continue Reading →

Answer any question, honestly.

If we're being cynical, the propaganda machine is running in full force at my house. If we're being honest, I'm just trying to protect my offspring. If we're being optimistic, the hope is knowledge will lead to creative, original and practical solutions. This Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, hit me hard. Harder than in years... Continue Reading →

We have a problem.

"Ima, why do adults always look at their phones?" "Oh, I... um... it's..." Because if you think kids have no self control, you're kidding yourself. Because adults have no self control. Because it gets lost over time. Because we're so misguided. Because we're just awful. Because we adults get addicted to things. Because we are... Continue Reading →

Summer of mom.

I've been having the best time and I want to tell you about it. But first, a disclaimer - there's a lot of grief out there - sanctimommies and all that - but I'm being completely honest, no-holier-than-thou, and you can trust me because my kids haven't really had lunch in a couple weeks and... Continue Reading →

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