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Yom Haaztmaut 5774: Three reasons why

‘Why did you move to Israel?’ We get asked that a lot, don’t we? Here’s my #1 reason 9 years ago, and my #1 reason now: Children who know no differently… The list of reasons for living in Israel grows each year I live and learn here. This year it grew by way of another […]

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Workshop in Advanced Citizenship

There’s nothing to make you feel more a part of a society’s special mosaic than to find yourself arriving at the sealed entrance of the Unemployment Office, joining a small mob of people across all of Israeli demographics, all staring at the printout sloppily taped to the heavy doors… …that the ministry is on strike.

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10 Ways Living in Israel is Not What You Think: vote for my Expats Awards entry!

There are a million ways living in Israel is just not what you may have thought… I chose 10 of those and made them my entry for the Expat Blog Awards! 10 Ways Living in Israel is Not What You Think I’m the only entry from Israel, so LET’S GET LOUD! Like? Vote! Leave a […]

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Oh Chanukah, oh Chanukah, come… on, diaspora mama.

Well here’s a first. Last week the kids and I were in the kitchen making latkes (that was also a first, and it was kinda obvious). Playing in the background: a Chanukah songs cd my mom had brought from the States. So, you know, some kind of boy’s choir-esque English-Hebrew mix. We were singing along; […]

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Of life in the shtetl; Tevye had a point

A fiddler on the roof… it sounds crazy. But here, in our little village of Anatevka, you might say every one of us… is a fiddler on the roof. Before I lived here in Israel, I lived in a tight-knit Jewish shtetl called New York. Trying to scratch out a pleasant, simple tune without breaking […]