What's been going on.

The past week and a half has been intense, painful, busy, impatient,  energetic, emotional, nerve-wracking and exciting. And it's not only for the reason you're probably assuming. I haven't  been able to get all my thoughts out in an organized manner, so instead I'll spew them in bullet form. People will ask what gender your... Continue Reading →

Falling in love.

How do you fall in love with a picture? Back in week 15-16 we had the first of two major ultrasounds done. Going into it, we had already seen the 'kid' twice: once as a chulent bean in the beginning and once a few weeks back as something that might have come from a veterinary text book... Continue Reading →


I just returned from a week in the States. Flew out for work, but I wasn't going to let an opportunity like that go by without doing some shopping. What kind of Israeli would I be? What kind of woman would I be? And most importantly, what kind of pregnant Israeli woman - who doesn't... Continue Reading →

A late night meeting.

I've been experiencing a crippling muscular pain in my lower back (ahem... very lower back) for a few days now. It just seems to get worse. I sit and stand up, it sharpens. I stand and sit down, it sticks into me. Yesterday I went to the doctor (how many times have I seen doctors... Continue Reading →

He preggo'd my eggo.

It's like holding your breath for 16ish weeks, but here I go, coming out of the first trimester closet. Ta da! We made aliyah separately almost four years ago and now together we're making an Israeli-American-Australian baby combo. Or at least, I am... He's done his part already, as the dati doctor pointed out, quite... Continue Reading →

When secrets become surreal.

It's been real hard keeping this baby stuff a secret from friends, coworkers, family. When the only person you have to talk about it with is your partner, and even he gets tired of your late-night online research about your body's minute-to-minute changes, it starts to become surreal. I mean, it's not just this little... Continue Reading →

It's a blessing, not a sickness.

Took my first pregnant blood test today. In Beitar. I find that they're used to this kind of thing already, so I can feel pretty confident under their care. Nurse was very kind and kept repeating, "Enjoy this! It's a blessing, not a curse! You're not sick, you're pregnant!" Figures she was Mizrachi...

Bad example.

The thing about trying to get pregnant/being pregnant, is that you start to see pregnant women everywhere. This is probably true everywhere in the world, but when you're in Israel, you really are seeing them everywhere because out of all the demographics in Israel, the one thing they have in common - whether charedi, Arab,... Continue Reading →

Today's word: דופק

Today we had our first official visit with an ob-gyn (male, charedi) doctor. All in all, a positive experience. I wasn't expecting anything crazy, pretty much a questionnaire of whether I smoke and if I'm taking vitamins. Oddly, neither of those topics came up. Oh sure, I've been to Israeli gynos before, male charedi gynos... Continue Reading →

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