driving me crazy

Getting around town.

Now that I’ve been getting around on only four wheels (as opposed to 4386524 wheels on a bus), I’ve totally forgotten what it’s like to use public transportation. Yes, it’s only been a couple weeks, but somehow, I’ve completely lost the former public transportation patriotism I held so dear. So, for everyone I’ve left behind […]

driving me crazy lizrael update

Danger ahead: Israelis with car.

On Thursday, we gained control of one of the most dangerous Israeli weapons in the rather wide arsenal. No, we don’t have shwarma breath… We got a car. Or, at least, we’re babysitting one for a coworker for the next month until we begin leasing one of our very own from my company. Either way, […]

400 thoughts driving me crazy

Down-lowing drivers.

Here’s the DL on Israeli drivers. Not so DL, really. When you heard those pro-touring-Israel slogans, ‘you have more of a chance of getting killed in a car accident than a suicide bombing’ (rosy campaign, yes) – IT’S ABSOLUTELY TRUE. In fact, it’s, I daresay, TERRORFYING. On the way to university I had a lift […]