The history of Israeli pretzels.

A short history of flat, flavoured pretzels (bagele) in Israel... true story! If you don't understand Hebrew subtitles or (exaggerated?) Yiddish, here's a quick and dirty transcript: The Bagel-Bagel Factory in Poland, 1880 Son: "Father,  mother - I  have an idea! Thin pretzels - in flavours!" Everyone: "What?!" Son: "Yes, with pepper, chedder, spices!" Father:... Continue Reading →


The very best friends are the ones who won't stop until you come to hang out with them in Tel Aviv and then when you're finally there, a car ride, train ride, and bus ride later, present you with the very best stuffing-my-face-now-nom-nom-nom... Red Velvet. For months, I've been hearing about it and salivating over the pics... Continue Reading →

Pizza has come to Tzur Hadassah.

As I recently reported, Tzur Hadassah now has the one business that could ruin my entire post-pregnancy weight-loss scheme: a pizza shop. It's called טומטו Pie (02-6503355) and it's nestled in the row of shops on Rechasim street. And today, I tried it. Doesn't it look good? I was excited by the look of it,... Continue Reading →

You gotta squeeze Z hummus…

Ever wanted to squeeze your hummus? My brother introduced me to this new company started by, oh c'mon, who else but an Israeli guy named Ami (from Beer Sheva) living States-side in Marlboro, New Jersey. Squeeze Z Hummus launches the FIRST ever squeezable hummus product in over 20 New York grocery stores. Available in 3... Continue Reading →

פיצונקה would like your attention.

Since moving to this area, we've watched local restaurants come and go. They usually aren't kosher or attention-grabbing enough to get us interested. And the latter is probably mostly why they don't survive. To service (and survive) the Matte Yehuda area, I suppose you have to be pretty damn good, considering you're competing with an... Continue Reading →

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