What have I done?

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't freaked. Though the truth is it's only starting to dawn on me how awe-some and terrifying it is. I'm beginning to comprehend what I've done. It really is dawning; first the expectation of the rise, and then the initial tips of the rays. Pretty soon I think... Continue Reading →

Two mothers.

My mother is a split personality. As long as I've known her, this has been the case. She can speak two languages fluently: her mother tongue, English, a language that rolls off her tongue like rain dripping down a car window in the summer; and Hebrew, a language she has been tripping over since they... Continue Reading →

Whoa, we get the point.

Ok, Hebrew-English dictionary. We get it. You have the definition of קוֹקְסִינֶל: This message is brought to you by: Shira, in association with the Morfix Dictionary or מילון מורפיקס, a Hebrew-English online dictionary that is super-passionate about your translation needs.

Have a good flight from Discount.

I love the 'טיסה נעימה' campaign from Discount Bank in Ben Gurion airport. Here's a sample: In case Google Translate is off by a word or two (ha!) here's the gist: New Zealand? Take a right at HaSharon shore, a left in Australia and where all the sheep are - there. If you happen to... Continue Reading →

Birthing in Hebrew.

I always thought when it came to my childbirth experience here in Israel, I'd end up automatically speaking, pleading and moaning in my native tongue. Despite Israeli hospital staff. I figured they probably get that all the time, and who doesn't speak English in the medical field? Well... it didn't happen that way. I birthed... Continue Reading →

I need to be schooled.

Today we volunteered at a 'shuk kach-ten' - kind of a giant yard sale where you bring junk and take other people's junk. It was at the elementary school in Tzur Hadassah. It was also the first time I have entered an Israeli school while it was in session. Kids running everywhere. Not unlike my... Continue Reading →

American Pie Pizza. Only, not.

American-style pizza of true cheesy quality is not as easy to find around Jerusalem as you'd think. Big Apple Pizza (which just opened a new branch on Ben Zakai, my old hood) has done a good enough job, but they've grown so much you get that American sold-out feeling. If you want a small, colorful... Continue Reading →

A White House of thunder and lightning.

I'm sure someone already realized this and mentioned it... but... I learned today that with Barack Obama in the White House, and Rahm Emanuel as his chief of staff, the Americans will be led by... thunder (רעם - Rahm) and lightning (ברק - Barack). Hmm.

So that's what they do with your tonsils…

In case all that talk of crabits made you hungry, how about some tonsil skewers? C'mon, they're a great source of unnecessariness: Courtesy of Tzidkiyahu, a Talpiot Israeli grill joint I still love even if they serve Tonsils for 72 shekels. Unfortunately, I can't remember what the Hebrew side of the menu said.

Beware the crabits in your cards…

Is it passe to make fun of English spelling mistakes on Israeli marketing products? Eh, I still find it amusing and I'm sure one day my kids will make fun of me for the Hebrew mistakes I make in the little notes in their lunchboxes. Anyway, I am offering a public service announcement about what... Continue Reading →

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