Pediatric memory.

This is what I completed from the Memoir Writing class I not-so-recently finished. I'm not sure if it's complete yet. The pleather cushioning of the examination counter-tops in the patient rooms still call to me as an inviting yet risky place for a sick kid to sit. Carrying my infant son from the reception area... Continue Reading →

Must be dreamin'.

There was ridiculous traffic on the dirt road leading up the hill towards Arafat's compound. We each supposedly had meeting times but were all very late for them in any case. To the right was the beginning of the dusty compound and to the left was the beginning of the dusty hills. To get into... Continue Reading →

a work from school, 2004, unfinished.

jinj I. 'Keep it covered, Jinj, we’re almost there – ' Because it was the sort of stuff in the air that would have joggled her insides, and then Maiden Deidre would have to ‘reorganize her insides’ like she had done to Kayla that time. Kayla was bigger than her and hadn’t done it –... Continue Reading →


the end is in the beginning.i ran, ran over hills and then mountains to make a change, to learn, to grow, to become a potential, and i'm not done. not done at all. i stared down what was 'now' and i made it 'then' and now is here again.i ran to passion to run from... Continue Reading →

testing… (2)

She spotted him and ran. Ran like a prisoner to freedom. Rowen. Like a rabbit escaping preydom. She ran with urgency. Rowen.She threw her arms around him, and burst into tears in his chest. She wept and held her arms tightly around him, despite his not returning the motion. He stood, like a statue, and... Continue Reading →

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