A bus driver's advice: Sleep.

In the two and a half years I have ridden the 400 bus to Bar Ilan, I have never fallen asleep and missed my stop – until today.

What am I, six-years-old? As I walked up to the driver to confirm and to get the best route backwards, I knew the conversation could go two ways. He could yell at me and make feel dumber, or this:

“We passed Bar Ilan?”

“Yes… Where were you? I just announced it.”

“Ha… yeah… I was sleeping.”

“Sleeping? Wow, lucky you!”

“Yeah… In two years I’ve never done this.”

“It’s great! You slept over an hour? Because you know, if it’s over an hour, that’s a real sleep! Good for you!”

Yeah! Good for me! I was only ten minutes late to class anyway.

They may take my student card, but they'll never take my curiousity.

It occurred to me today – in the fifth week of my third and final year – that Bar Ilan won’t always be a part of my life.

Ok, allow me to rephrase: I won’t always be a registered student.

The only time I haven’t been a registered student – since the early 80s – was the year I made aliyah, and I felt a definite lacking.

As much as I complain about the hassle, let’s face it: Being a student is a part of who I am. I love learning. I’m always curious. I grew up on PBS. To this day, I watch documentaries about anything – fertility treatment, the Big Bang, ancient Rome – in my free time.

So this year of studies probably won’t mark the end of my student career. I think my student status – even sans student card – will carry on for life. Curiousity is my life sentence, and I embrace it every day. I already have plans for the next phase of formal education, though I may hold off for a year or so.

But there’s no reason for me to worry; I’ll continue learning past Bar Ilan. It’ll just be – let’s hope – with less hassle.

My professors are on strike.


University professors to strike as of Sunday

Well, here we go again. Sort of. Last time it was the students striking over fee hikes. This time it’s the faculty striking for pay hikes.

C’mon guys… I have one more year – 3 credits – to finish. All I want to do is get my diploma so I can roll it and smoke it. Is that so wrong?

Back to – what?

Remember when I said I was taking my last final ever?

Kidding! I’m going back to school. A couple more teachers, a few more books. Lots and lots more dirty looks… at my disappointing experience studying at Bar Ilan University.

In the end of August I decided to switch from the thesis track to the internship track and finish my degree by summer 2008 instead of indefinitely. That’s the goal, anyway. I’m looking forward to a more ‘hands-on’ experience and a lot less procrastinating.

And to kick me right back into the school-year spirit, today I found this article in my inbox:

University heads, faculty threaten strike over funds dispute

Ah, yes. It’s all coming back. Here’s to another (and, really, my last) academic, year-long nightmare attending BIU.