Fifty-Two Frames: Bible

It’s amazing how much Bible exists around us when you’ve got the Book on the back of your mind… And, oh, you live in ‘the holy land.’

The holiday season… The fields of our forefathers… A trip to the Kinneret… The annual celebration of torah… Rows of pomegranate trees .. Attending a brit milah… Teaching ‘In the beginning’ to my son… And a quick visit to Mary Magdalene’s home town, to dip in the water where Jesus may or may not have had a stroll.

Week 40: Bible

Just a small town girl…

Joshua’s messing with us.

“And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed, until the people had avenged themselves upon their enemies.”

I remember learning it in 4th grade and it seriously always stuck with me. It was a ‘holy shit, dude’ moment back then, and it remained so for many years. Until one day, walking somewhere in Israel, I noticed something in the sky.

It was late afternoon and the moon was out. And the sun was chillin just across the way.

Honest to universe, the first thing I thought of was good ole Yehoshua. And ever since then, every time I see it – and I see it often – I consider that it just makes sense now.

Last Friday, I saw my lil friend, daytime Moon, at 8:18am. Now, come on – לא להגזים – that’s just too much. Either get a room, you two, or go back to where you belong.